Before you start...

Poloniex has several trading methods like spot and margin trading. The API credentials are working for both account types inside HTS. However, it is NOT RECOMMENDED to set them both. We recommend making a separate account and API key for each; one for spot trading and another for margin trading.
HTS does not support Margin Trading on Poloniex due to API limitations.

Obtaining the API

To get the API keys for your Poloniex account, login and navigate to the upper left menu. You will find the API Keys under the settings menu.
The first thing to do will be to enable the API key. Poloniex has these disabled by default. To enable the API keys, click the Enable API button. Now, check your email to confirm the new API settings.
Initially, Poloniex will not render an API secret key. To view the API secret you need to ask for it, then confirm the request by e-mail.
If all has gone well, you will see a screen like this:
Now, all that is needed is to copy over this data to your new account (on the Price Drivers & Accounts page inside HTS).
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Before you start...
Obtaining the API