Upgrading Your License

Common Questions

Q: Can I upgrade my license to a higher tier if I bought a Beginners/Simple package? A: Of course you can! The steps are very simple, please read through this page to find out how.
Q: How much would I need to pay? Does the price I paid for the original license get accounted for? A: You would only need to pay the difference in pricing between the two licenses.
Q: Why is the price on the Upgrade License page different than the website? A: Don't worry, we will always honor the price on the website when sending a quote for an upgrade.

License Upgrade Steps

  • Click on Upgrade License on the left Panel
  • Select the package that you want to upgrade to (Simple or Advanced)
  • Select from the dropdown list the period you would like to upgrade to
  • Click Upgrade
  • A pop-up will appear on the bottom left indicating that you have successfully sent the upgrade request.
Within 24 hours, our Support Staff will send you an email with an upgrade quote and BTC address that you will need to send a manual payment to complete your upgrade.