Price Drivers & Accounts

Setting up Exchange API keys

Before we input our API keys into HTS, we need to set up which exchanges we would like to use. To do this, click the toggle for the exchange (on the left side) that you would like to use. Now click Add New Account and select the exchange from the drop down menu.
Price Drivers & Accounts
Exchange API keys are how HTS executes trades on an exchange. The API keys consist of a Public and Private key (also known as Secret key). To find these keys you must login to the exchange(s) that you want HTS to integrate with, then generate API keys. Each exchange has a different process, but you can find the API key information under "Security" or "API" in account settings.
For increased security, its important to only allow API access from the IP address you will be trading from (i.e. VPS). You can find your machine's IP address by visiting a website like It is important to select the following permissions when generating an API key:
  • Account Balance
  • User Transactions
  • Open Orders
  • Cancel Order
  • Buy Limit Order
  • Sell Limit Order
Each Exchange is different, but these are generally the settings needed for for HTS to function properly.
Once the API key(s) are generated, input them into HTS.
To add these API keys to HTS, you need to open an interface and click on "Price Drivers and Accounts" under the "Settings" menu.
Repeat the process for any other exchanges you wish to integrate HTS with.