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Linux VPS Installation Guide

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Supported Linux distributions

To be fair, there are so many Linux distributions that we have not tested them all. We simply do not know if they all work or if there are any issues. When you are trying a Linux version which is not listed as supported then please contact the support desk. We'd like to know when something new is tried, if it works, and how well.

The following Linux distributions have been tested and are reported to be functional:

  • Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04, 18.10

  • Arch Linux 2018.10.01

  • Debian 9

  • CentOS 7

Supported Mono versions

To make the HTS platform work on Linux we are using the Mono framework. Since recently Microsoft has taken over the development of Mono and are pushing many updates, some updates work and some updates can give issues.

The latest versions of Mono have been tested and are reported to be functional:

  • v5.18.0.240

  • v5.18.1.0

  • v5.20.1.19


Install the latest version of mono available. You can find details based on your Linux distribution here. You can also use the guide below, but it may install a version much older than is recommended.

Pre-installation of the Mono framework

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install mono-complete mono-vbnc

The installation itself

tar -zxvf linux32.tar.gz

This is how we can start the platform


To confirm its all working use the command below and HTS should be listed on ports 8090 and 8092.

netstat -tulpn

Having issues? You can also start HTS in debug mode to see details printed directly to the console, like so:

mono-service HTS.exe --debug -l:HTS.lock

Setting Up HTS

You are now ready to enter your license key.

You can now proceed to insert the API key(s) for the exchange(s) that you use.


  • License is blocked

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