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Windows VPS Installation Guide
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Synchronizing Your Computer's Time

It is important that the first thing you do, before running HTS on Windows, is to synchronize the time. If there is a large difference between the time that an exchange uses and your computer's time, there could be some issues. It is best to synchronize the time on the computer that will run HTS.
The easiest way to synchronize the clock on a Windows machine is to download and install the NetTime application. This free software will keep the time on your Windows computer synchronized. Once you have installed the NetTime application, you are ready to set up HTS for the first time.
macOS and Linux do not require any time sync application.
If your computer is out of sync the software will remind you with the following message:

Setting up HTS for the First Time

Please make sure that your system meets the requirements we have outlined:
After you have installed NetTime, you are ready to proceed with the rest of the installation process.
You can now proceed to insert the API key(s) for the exchange(s) that you use.


  • License is invalid error - please contact support
  • Incorrect login details? Can't login to your HTS? Follow the steps outlined below: