Migrating Your HTS

HTS is an installation that runs on your local machine or a Virtual Private Server (VPS) that you have access to.

At the start of your subscription with us, you might have installed HTS on your home PC before migrating to a VPS.

Here are some steps you can follow to make sure that your settings and bots are available on the new machine.

Be sure to shut down your original installation before starting up the one on the new machine.

  • Navigate to the folder

    • Windows C:\Users\<YourUserID>\My Documents\HTS or C:\Users\<YourUserID>\Documents\HTS

    • MacOS ~/Library/Application Support/HTS/

    • Linux /root/HTS

  • Zip the above-mentioned folder

  • Copy it to the new machine in a similar directory

  • Un-zip the file in the parent directory:

    • Windows C:\Users\<YourUserID>\My Documents or C:\Users\<YourUserID>\Documents

    • MacOS ~/Library/Application Support/

    • Linux /root/

  • Edit the <HostingAdres> and <LocalAPIAdres> (if needed) in MainSettings.XML if you are going to use the IP of the new machine

  • Execute or install HTS and login with your existing credentials