Reactivate Bots on Startup

We get it, you sometimes shut down your machine or better yet, your machine shuts down itself for some unknown reason. You might have restarted HTS because of an update that we released. You're sitting there thinking, why don't my bots run again after starting up? Why are they all deactivated?!
Well, there's a handy setting for you to enable that can help you with that.
This setting only applies to ALL Bot types with the exception of the FlashCrash Bot.

All Bots

Here are the steps to enable it:
  • Login to HTS
  • Click on Settings
  • Enable Reactivate running bots on startup
  • Save changes

FlashCrash Bots

FlashCrash Bots have their own restart procedure because they need to keep track of the orders that have been placed.
You will have two options when you click on any one of them:
  • Quick Start - will only start up the selected FlashCrash Bot
  • Quick Start All Eligible Bots - will start up ALL FlashCrash Bots that were running prior to HTS being rebooted