Used Symbols

Signals and symbols are a common part of HTS. They can indicate that a bot might have an error. The description of each symbol is described below:
Possible Issue
Possible Solution
API is incorrectly connected
Ensure that the API Key is properly connected
Price Source is disconnected
Ensure that the price driver for the exchange in Price Drivers and Accounts page is enabled
Dollar Bill
Insufficient funds
Your account do not have sufficient funds to trade
the market that you want recommended to reduce
the trade amount
Incorrect coin/fund position
Ensure that you have selected the correct coin/fund
position for the market. (E.g. If you have BTC only
choose BTC / If you have funds without any positions
select No Position)
Bot has an open order
Check for open orders in HTS or in the exchange.
If there are none, click Options -> Clear or just
click Save on the bot.
Recreate the bot is another option to remove this symbol.
Safety has activated
A safety on this bot has activated.