Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a VPS to run HTS?

No. However, for optimal performance and uptime you should use a dedicated machine running HaasOnline TradeServer. A VPS is an easy solution for traders who do not want to maintain a local server.

How do I use HTS on my smartphone?

The current version of HaasOnline TradeServer 3.x is not compatible with mobile devices. This will change with future versions.

Do I need to know Python to create bots?

No. Our trading bots run on our own scripting language called HaasScript (based off of Lua). We offer a visual designer that requires no coding as well as a traditional editor with access to hundreds of functions created specifically for cryptocurrency trading.

What are the top bots that you recommend running?

It depends on the style of trading you're trying to automate. Popular with our users are scalping, market making, flash crash, and order trade bots.

How can I download bots to HTS?

You will need to register an account on and complete a purchase. You will be able to access your downloads and license numbers in your account.

Do I really need to sign up with a new account on Vultr or DigitalOcean to enjoy the credit?

Yes. Each VPS provider has their own terms and conditions that must be met in order to claim their credit. We are not responsible for changes and denial of their credits.

How do I add X exchange to HTS?

You can program your own custom driver for the unsupported exchange.

I cannot log in to my local HaasOnline TradeServer, even after resetting the password!

There's times when we forget or lose our passwords. Luckily we offer a couple methods to unlock your local HTS instance. Please refer to Lost Login Credentials.