Orders Being Rejected

A non-exhaustive list of why exchanges might reject your orders when you are trading with HTS.

New API Updates

Exchanges that we support constantly improve and update their services. This can mean that they sometimes perform upgrades on their existing API endpoints without making an announcement or giving us advanced warning. While we constantly monitor them for changes, sometimes the information is not released until the day of the upgrade.
This does not mean that all changes to the API require changes from our end. We do our best to quickly adopt the API changes and reduce downtime (if any) for our users.

Order not meeting exchange's minimum amount

While HTS is able to accept any amount that you want to trade, it does not mean that the exchange will accept it. We have implemented a small tool-tip icon beside Trade Amount to inform you of the minimum trade amount allowed for the current pair that you have selected.
Minimum Trade Amount in Trade Bots
Minimum Trade Amount in Custom Bots
Minimum Trade Amount in Haas Bots
For reference, please use the links below to determine the minimum trade amount for each of the trading pairs on each of the different exchanges we support. Please note that not all of the exchanges have published their trading limits.
Spot Exchanges
Margin Exchanges
Leverage Exchanges
OKEX Futures

Account(s) banned from the exchange

The exchange monitors how many accounts are currently trading on it on a per IP basis. If one particular IP address exceeds their limit (actual limits are not explicitly mentioned anywhere on any exchange), they might decide to temporarily limit your trading privileges until you get in contact with them.

Time is not in sync

The machine that you are using to host HTS might sometimes go out of sync. Certain exchanges (e.g. Binance) have very strict rules where they might not even let you connect your API if you do not have your time properly synced. Such errors will be shown clearly when users first load their HTS webpage. Not seeing such messages does not mean that you do not have to sync your time.
For users that are hosting HTS on different operating systems, please read below on how to sync your time:
Windows - Install NetTime.
Linux - not necessarily needed but if you do, run these commands line by line:
sudo apt-get install ntpdate
sudo ntpdate
MacOS - please refer to this page from Apple Support (