Bot Charts

Bot Chart

The bot chart is a summary of the past orders, safety actions and indicator signals.

Price Chart

The price chart can be displayed on an interval up to 30 minutes. Due to rendering time a lower timeframe is recommended. The chart interval has no impact on the update speed of the bot. Besides the interval, any chart style can be selected. Candlestick, OHLC, Heiken-Aski and 7 others. Optionally the volume plot can be enabled.

Completed orders

Every dot on the chart is a completed trade. It does not reflect trades orders of which were sent but cancelled due to timeouts. The color if the inner dot represents the direction of the order.
  1. 1.
    Green stands for buy or enter long order.
  2. 2.
    Red equals a sell or an enter short order.
  3. 3.
    Yellow inner dots are exit orders. Either long or short.

Safety order notification.

If the completed trade is executed by a safety signal, the chart will show an orange box on top of the price chart. The trade information when hovering on the bot will also have a (SL) note.

Indicator Agreement Index (IAI)

The IAI show the overall direction of the combined buy and sell signals. When the line is green the overall direction of the indicators is buy and when the line is red the overall direction is sell.
If the bot is on a margin/leverage account the IAI does not directly indicates the direction of the signal. The signal mapping is done after the signal is created. For a more accurate overview of the direction after the signal mapping look at the Indicator Heat Map.

Indicator Heat Map

The indicator heat map is similar to the IAI but with 2 advantages. The chart plots the signals after they are mapped. While this is mostly relevant for margin and leverage trading, the stacked area chart also gives a easier overview of the overall direction.

Indicator Signals Chart

The indicator signal chart has a supporting role. While both the IAI and heat map charts give a great impression of the indicators signals, its lacks the specification per indicator. This is where the indicator signal chart comes in. The charts specifies the indicator per signal. Ideal for checking which indicator blocked a potential trade while backtesting and/or tuning the bot.

Indicator Chart

The indicator chart is a very basic price chart with indicator plot. The signals on top of the price chart shows when the indicator has produces a signal.
  • Green stand for buy or long signal
  • Red stand for sell or short signal.
  • Yellow stand for no position (exit) signal. (margin/leverage only)

Safety Chart

The safety chart is identical to the indicator chart and will also show a signal on top of the chart when the safety has been triggered.