Blind Indicator

HTS's Blind Indicator is an Indicator for the Trade Bot. The Blind Indicator is generally used in the simple marginal strategy to conduct high-frequency trades for small gains.
Tip: Combine this with a fee based insurance to create a simple scalper.


Supported license & Trade types

Supported License
Supported Trade Types
Beginner license
Spot trading
Simple license
Margin trading
Advanced license
Leverage trading


The Blind Indicator is essentially what the name suggests in that it produces Trade Signals that are the opposite of your Position.
For instance, if your current position for USD/BTC is bought meaning you currently have Bitcoins, the Blind Indicator will then generate a sell signal to liquidate your bitcoins.

General Settings

  • Exchange Website to monitor
  • Currency Pair to monitor for trade signals
  • Update Speed
  • Trade Signals
Tip: The exchange doesn't have to be the same exchange you are currently trading on.


The Blind Indicator may sound useless, but in conjunction with the Overcome Fee Costs or Only Sell at Double Fee Costs insurance, this basic strategy will prevent Trade Signals when they are not profitable.