Dynamic Buy/Sell

HTS's Dynamic Adjusting Buy/Sell indicator works like the Fixed Buy/Sell except that it determines the price thresholds automatically. This indicator checks the price over a user determined period of time. It will automatically generate both buy and sell thresholds. When the price rises above the sell threshold during the user-defined time period, the Trade Bot will send a sell signal; whereas when the price drops below the buy threshold, the Trade Bot will send a buy signal.
Tip: Use during sideways markets or to confirm trends with reversed signals.


Supported license & Trade types

Supported License
Supported Trade Types
Spot trading
Simple license
Margin trading
Advanced license
Leverage trading

General Settings

  • Exchange Website to monitor
  • Currency Pair to monitor for trade signals
  • Update Speed
  • Trade Signals
Tip: The exchange doesn't have to be the same exchange you are currently trading on.

Indicator Settings

  • Min before adjustment
    • Number of minutes after which the dynamic range changes.


This indicator is useful for those situations of uncertainty regarding where the price thresholds should be, particularly when the price is moving.