Small Fractals

Small Fractals is an indicator that scans the chart looking for repeated candlestick patterns that are comprised of 3 consecutive candlesticks. This differs from Fractals in that Small Fractals only requires 3 consecutive candlesticks to form a pattern, while Fractals requires 5 consecutive candlesticks. This indicator is a lagging indicator by design, but it generally is used at large time frames to generate solid trade signals.
For more information about Fractals and Small Fractals, please check out A Trader's Guide to Using Fractals.


Supported license & Trade types

Supported License
Supported Trade Types
Spot trading
Margin trading
Advanced license
Leverage trading

General Settings

  • Exchange Website to monitor
  • Currency Pair to monitor for trade signals
  • Update Speed
  • Trade Signals
Tip: The exchange doesn't have to be the same exchange you are currently trading on.


It is recommended to use this indicator with other technical analysis indicators for stronger trade signals. Users will generally want to use Fractals and/or Small Fractals at higher time intervals.